Phuket Night Shows: A fantastic night on the Island


When darkness covers the stunning SeaPhuket’s attentions shifts to the nightlife and night entertainments. The colorful lights and lively vibe of Phuket can keep you awake all night long. After dark, there are abundant places to go to, but the ones listed below are fantastic.

Phuket Fantasea is one of the most famous shows in Phuket. Inspired by exotic Thai heritages, it showcases the beauty and traditions of the country. With over 400 casts and crews, 44 elephants and many animals, the extravaganza show impresses the entire audience with a breathtaking Las Vegas-style theatrical show featuring new acrobatics, illusions, fireworks, stunts, aerial performances and more.

Families are entertained with a carnival Village with games, parades and a large themed Restaurant with 4,000 seats which offers one of the best buffets in town.

Siam Niramit offers a full evening with a fabulous 70-minute show featuring great choreographies, songs, as well as a great international and Thai restaurant. The nonstop fancy show shows the History of Thailand, traditional lifestyle and beliefs, especially of heaven and hell.

Simon Cabaret is one of the city’s most famous “ladyboy” cabaret shows, offering a music show with stunning costumes, expensive sets and great sound systems. You will be surprised how beautiful Thai boys can be.

If these shows are not your favorites, then Muay Thai Boxing is probably the right choice. Phuket hosts stadiums and shows where you can enjoy watching the sport at its best. The main venue in Phuket is the Boxing Stadium at Saphanhin District. The fights take place every Friday from 8pm. Bangla Boxing Stadium is another interesting choice. Although its unusual decoration and beer bars, which give the impression that this is another tourist trap, the stadium offers the right fights.

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