Last night we arrived in Phuket at almost 9 PM. Bright throughout the journey ✈️💕 because excited to come to Phuket for the first time Phuket Trip This trip is Chertam’s 7th birthday anniversary. 👧🏻💖🎂

We stay at Diamond Resort Phuket. The hotel welcomes a large set of food, savory food, delicious sweet food. Everything is very impressive. Once the stomach is full We should go into the room to do better 💃😍

The hotel has arranged a “Happy Birthday” surprise for Je T’aime. Very cute. Je T’aime screams happy, smiles on the face of the keyboard. Importantly, the rooms are very large, have 2 bedrooms, and there is a common area for us to lounge. Can sit and eat In addition, the balcony in front of our room can also walk down to the pool 💖
This event is very satisfying. We still have a lot of fun in Phuket. And mother will tell you again