Sam-Ong Hu Shrine

This shrine was built as a place where three-hundred-year-old carvings are enshrined. These carvings are Phra Heng Hu (black face), Zhu Hu (red face) and King Louis (Green face) as a whole, known as “Sam Ong Hu” which means three gods. The sculpture was carved from the wood and brought from China.

The shrine is a place to perform important rituals according to the Thai-Chinese culture such as the Vegetarian Festival. Ong Hu Shrine is well known and worships by Thai-Chinese in Cherngtalay area.

Location: Si Sunthon Road (Highway 4025)

Opening hour: Daily 08:00-11:00 hrs.

Source: http://www.cherngtalaymuni.go.th/travel/detail/479/data.html