Phuket has a major Chinese influence including in the Cherngtalay area. Sam Ong Hu Chinese Shrine is located less than a 10-minute walk from Diamond Resort Phuket. This shrine is worship by Thai-Chinese in the village. The Chinese Shrine is well known by Thai-Chinese in the Diamond Resort Phuket neighborhood.

Sam-Ong Hu Shrine
Sam-Ong Hu Shrine. Culture tourist attraction in Phuket near Diamond Resort Phuket.

Sam Ong Hu Chinese Shrine was built as a place where three-hundred-year-old carvings are enshrined. These carvings are Phra Heng Hu (black face), Zhu Hu (red face), and King Louis (Green face) as a whole, known as “Sam Ong Hu” which means three gods. The sculpture was carved from wood and brought from China. The opening hour is daily 08:00-11:00 hrs.

This Chinese Shrine is a place to perform important rituals for the local villager in Cherngtalay. Many people would like to experience the greatest festival in Phuket for Thai-Chinese culture known as the Vegetarian Festival.

A Chinese Vegetarian Festival is the most recognized festival in Phuket. The event is arranged every year at the end of September or the beginning of October. It is not an exact date every year. Because the festival will be held on the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

Explore more about the local cultural events in Cherngtalay or Baan Teenlay Community at Sam Ong Hu Shrine.

Photos credit: @Samonghoophuket