To add to your travel bucket list on the first trip to Thailand after the pandemic crisis.

Similan Islands National Park

The National Park located at west coast in Andaman Sea. It is an archipelago with a total of 9 islands. Opening season with a limited number of visitors from 1 November-15 May every year.

Similan Island – island no. 8 is the largest island with spot for snorkelling and diving along the white coral sand. A great spot to start the day and wondering marine life with variety of corals.

Sail Rock view point is the well-known landmark of the Similan Islands. The viewpoint is breathtaking, don’t miss out to hike up the hill and take a deep breath at the top of the happiness moment.

Phi Phi Island One Day Trip

It is a must visit destination while travelling in Phuket island.

Phi Phi Island is a dream destination for tourists from all over the world who want to come and see the splendor of nature like no other place.

Why it is a top spot destination? Beach lover will immerse with white coral sand like a powder. Imagine your bare feet step on a soft and warm beach while looking at crystal clear sea water.

Love Andaman arrange this trip for our customer to discover all of the top beaches on this journey.

Bamboo Island

It is one of the dreaming vacation island on this journey.

This island may step up in your dreaming island list, as it did in my list a few years back. What makes this island so special? It is a small island with only 45 minutes to walk around and experience the significant surrounding.

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