COVID-19 in Thailand

From the big outbreak around the world, including Thailand, the coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19 affects the lives and behaviors of people in society. Including our very own.

The most talked about behavior is inevitable with the word “New Normal” or the new normal. What is it like to carry on the most lively festival in Thailand – Songkran.

New Normal is a normal everyday life in a new way, that we all have to adapt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coming back.

D-M-H-T-T has been introduced for Thai as a guideline. What are those alphabets stand for

D istancing

M ask Wearing

H and Washing

T esting

T hai Cha Na (download mobile app.)

A void (Avoid being at risk area)

Need more information about Covid Updates Situation in Thailand : www.ddc.moph.go.th/

Need more information about Alternative Local Quarantine and Alternative State Quarantine in Thailand : www.hsscovid.com