Updated 9th April 2021

Travelling from other province in Thailand to Phuket Island

In order to preventive surveillance measures and control the spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) for people traveling to Phuket.

Check point

  • Phuket Airport
  • Tha Chatchai checkpoint
  • Ports

MorChana -หมอชนะ App.

MUST download the application “หมอชนะ” on your smartphone and show at the check point. The application “หมอชนะ – MorChana” is a tool to assist healthcare professionals to prevent and control spreading of the virus.

The application will access your camera, location, picture and store in your mobile. plus alert when you appear to be near the infected person.

If you are travelling to Phuket Island from province in below list

  • Bangkok
  • Pathum Thani
  • Nonthaburi
  • Samut Prakan
  • Nakhon Pathom

The resort will provide documents for you to fulfil details in the ‘Track record form for individual travelers COVID-19 – แบบบันทึกการติดตามผู้เดินทางรายบุคคล -19’

Relaxing and stay safe on your vacation in a good manner with D-M-H-T-T

D – Distancing
M – Mask Wearing
H – Hand Washing
T – Temperature Check
T – Thaichana

Have a pleasant journey in The Land of Smiles

Source: สสจ.ภูเก็ต
@83ssj  · Government Organisation