Updated: 22 October 2021

Are you travelling by air from the current approved countries?

Welcome fully vaccinated tourist from these eligible countries for exotic holiday in Phuket.

Here are a checklist and preparation details for your holiday in Phuket with No -Quarantine. If you are entering Thailand (by Air Travel), this regulation will effects your journey from 1 November 2021.

  1. Travel by air from the approved countries.
  2. A Certificate of Entry (COE) or a proof of registration for entry Thailand via specified platform ( https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/).
  3. A Medical Certificate with an RT-PCR lab result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected issued no more than 72 hours before travelling.
  4. An insurance policy, with coverage clearly identified as no less than US$50,000.-  (*Except for Thai citizens who are entitled to the national health insurance system)
  5. A payment confirmation for no less than a 1-night stay upon arrival at the approved quarantine facilities.
  6. A Certificate of Vaccination (fully vaccinated).
    • Travellers under 12 years of age, travelling with their parents or guardians, are exempt from this vaccination requirement, but must have a Medical Certificate with an RT-PCR lab result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected issued no more than 72 hours before travelling.
  7. Undergo the exit screening before departure to Thailand.
  8. Upon arrival at Thailand’s international airport, travellers must proceed directly by the approved airport transfer to the pre-arranged COVID-19 test center, or the reserved accommodation and undergo the required RT-PCR COVID-19 test on Day 0-1.
  9. Travellers must download and install the MorChana application
  10. Must wait within the accommodation for the test result
  11. If testing negative for COVID-19, travellers can go anywhere in Thailand.

Read more details at TAT Newsroom

Updated: 8 October 2021

Now 7-day stay for Sandbox tourists from any country in the world

Under new regulations on ‘Phuket Sandbox Programmes’ is being reduced from 14 to 7 days. It means you are now required to stay only 7 days at SHA Plus accommodation with freely travel around Phuket Island.

What happened after 7 days at SHA Plus accommodation, and then you are free to choose any accommodation that you prefer to stay. You will also be able to visit the islands nearby in other provinces while you stay in Phuket.

Travel requirements under the 7-days in ‘Phuket Sandbox’.

This info graphic will help you to understand the Pre-travel process and preparation if you are planning for your exotic holiday in Phuket.

More details on the ‘Sandbox’ programme in other areas. Please check out the information at www.tatnews.org

Updated: 1 June 2021

The previous regulations on the pilot project under ‘Phuket Sandbox Programmes’

Thailand highlights news today is ‘Phuket Sandbox’ because from the 1st July 2021. We are ready to welcome you back to Phuket, Thailand with special regulations as the ‘Phuket Sandbox’ model.

Get started your beach holiday on Phuket Island as your first destination. Across Phuket Island, you can find all in all from outdoorsy hinterlands to wealthy culture.

Savvy your inspiration by laziness at a peacefully beach holiday, discover marine life, experience the local Thai food or a hike in the jungle and more. We have already given you ideas on what’s tourism can dreaming of beach holidays in Phuket.

Not sure how to begin? Having the right and up-to-date information is your key to start your pleasant holiday in Thailand.

Credit: Siam Connect

This travel guide information is just summary. For everything you need to know with the latest information on travel restrictions about coming to ‘Phuket Sandbox’, visit  https://www.tatnews.org/ or https://www.entrythailand.go.th/journey/1