It is properly a great challenge to discover and reach your strength, balance with mental control while on holiday with Rock Climbing in Phuket.

Rock Climbing in Phuket

Southern Thailand is a popular climbing destination for tourists and locals. This activity is perfect for all levels. Whether this is your first time to kick off the ground or you who have been climbing for years with plenty of experience.

What To Do

Enjoy your fit and healthy beginner with 2 hours course. You will learn basic climbing equipment, technique, and safety guideline.

Get an excellent full-body workout for an experienced climber with an intermediate lead-climbing 3-hours course. At this level, you will enroll technique in lead climbing plus advanced climbing technique.

Enjoy and explore the rock climbing tour by Diamond Resort Phuket. Book your activity with us today!

Heroines Monument

The monument is located not far from rock climbing in the neighborhood of Diamond Resort Phuket. Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Si Sunthon are great heroines in Phuket island. They were bravery fighting and sacrifice during the Nine Armies War in the early Rattanakosin era ca. 1785.

The monument was built to commemorate Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Si Sunthon. And also those who fought to protect Thalang City – part of Phuket. This monument features the dignity of their amazing braveness to protect their homeland.

What To Do

The Phuketian often goes to worship with flowers, incense, candles, and gilded with gold paper. Most Thais will ‘Waii – pay respect’ while driving through Thalang road.

Nearby this monument, we recommend you to step into the culture at a colorful Chinese shrine. You can also explore an adventure experience at REBEL Rock Climbing with a special promotion offer for Diamond Resort Phuket guests.

Lie down and soak up the sun for sun-kissed skin all day at the beach. It is not really your cup of tea. Find other best things to do in Phuket. There is a wide range of tourist activities at Diamond Resort Phuket’s neighborhood. Discover your holiday inspiration with us at our travel blog now.