Safe Travels Kit

Summer clothes, sun hats, sunglasses and sun lotion are definitely on your packing checklist. If you are travelling on an exotic holiday.

Nowadays, you will also need to pack a safe travel kit in your carry luggage with some basic COVID-19 knowledge at your holiday destination.

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Hints for your best safe travel carry-on 2021

Credit infographic: @amazingthailand
  • Medical face mask with portable mask case
  • Hand Sanitizer/ Alcohol gel
  • Glasses
  • Disinfecting Wipes

Can’t wait to visit family, friends or just ease yourself in Thailand. Safe travels to protect your beloved one. By following a few simple tips on your journey, you will be keeping them healthy and safe.

  • Requested your seat far from the toilet.
  • Cleanse your hands after sit down at your seat.
  • Cleanse your hands again before and after you touch your face, or when you remove your mask to eat and drink.
  • Cleanse your hands after you touch every surface (seat arm, table tray, etc.)

We had a look around and summarize the destination requirements for your journey to Phuket Sandbox Scheme. We also found a bunch of interesting travel tips in Phuket you will love too.

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