Golden Buddha Temple is one of Phuket’s most recognize temples. Local known as Wat Phra Phud. The name points out the sacred story of being found a half buddha statue in the rice field. A local boy found this buddha statue while he was walking at the rice field. Then locals tried to dig but never find more than half of the statue.

Villagers have high respect and have created gold to cover half of the Buddha statue that rose from the ground as seen today.

Golden Buddha Temple and Thing To Do

Golden Buddha Temple and Thing To Do

Golden Buddha Temple and Thing To Do by Diamond Resort Phuket

It is worth experiencing and wanders around the temple. Wat Phra Thong temple also has “Wat Phra Thong Museum”. The museum has been collecting various antiquities, a collection of antiques Phuketian’s belongings.

For example, “Chang Sui” was a tin miner’s raincoat. Chinese women’s toe shoes who had to tie their feet up small according to the values ​​of society at that time. This local museum will walk you through the story of Phuket island to the past.

This temple is located between Diamond Resort Phuket and Phuket International Airport. It may take a half-hour to stop and pay respect on your way to the resort. Check out our travel guide blog about Phuket and what to do while on your holiday. Find the best things to do recommended by Diamond Resort Phuket.