A warm welcome to the suburb of Phuket Island and a realm of relaxation beaches holiday destination – Bangtao Beach. As well as immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural experience at Cherng Talay village.

Cherng Talay was formerly known as the “Teen Lay Village”. This village is a perfect story of a large community of expatriates who have settled here in the 1890s with locals’ ethnicities. Present-day, you can discover the tin mining landscape areas in the 1890s-1990s at Lay Pang in Laguna Phuket.

Credit: โปรดปราน – Prodepran Restaurant & Bar

Start your pleasant morning sightseeing at Cherntalay soi 14 to Cherngtalay temple. On this route, you will soak up Thai – Chinese culture, where the former labour from China has settled here on their journey to seek fortune in the tin mining business by the western investor.

Nowadays, those mixed cultures appear in architecture, language, festivals and blend in ways of living. Simple ways to experience a cultural trip holiday with us by order ‘Asian Breakfast’ at Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort Phuket.

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