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Whatever short or long holiday. Get the most out of your vacation in Phuket. Joining us visiting top tourist attractions in Phuket old town led by the local insiders.

Experiences Phuket Old Town and Things To Do

Sightseeing around Thalang, Yaowarat, Dibuk, Phang Nga, Thep Krasattri road will take you back to the beginning of the 18th century. It is a unique blend of east and west architects from Portuguese, Chinese and Malays.

Sino – Portuguese Architecture Streets is one of Phuket’s old town recognizable icons. Spice up your cultural trip at the Phuket old streets with a colorful Phuketian dress called Baba Yaya.

After wandering in the town and experiencing Thai hospitality with the locals. You may need a place to cool down and chill out.

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The ultimate travel guide by Diamond Resort Phuket to get the best out of your vacation in Phuket.