Tropical fruit may bring excitement to daydreaming while shopping at your grocery ‘I wish to sit back on the sunbed and enjoy the coconut’.

Tropical Fruit Delivery Excitement

Tropical fruit has more flavors making it mouthwateringly and delicious. Plus, it has varieties choice of juicy, sweet, sour, bitter, and aromas. And of course, its unique shape together with colorful. Few of them may bring you back to the memorable experience on the holiday.

Try Tropical Fruit with your limits

In Thailand, fruit season is all-year-round from northern to southern. Before you get started and eat all Thai fruit on your must-try list. Let’s choose wisely then eat it properly and remember, some fruits affect the body differently.

Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort Phuket

Conveniently try tropical Thai fruit on your breakfast in the resort at Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort Phuket. There are mostly dragon fruit, papaya, watermelon, orange, banana and pineapple. Our chefs are well-selected fruits for your relaxing holiday. Keep in mind that the selection of fruits may differ on a daily basis. Especially refresh at the poolside with coconut is highly recommended.

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Infuse Restaurant by Diamond Resort Phuket

Let’s taste and have some fun during this fruit season in Phuket.

The holiday can be full of temptations. And also, Thailand is home to numerous choices of fruit.

Durian – ทุเรียน

Most of you may have heard about the King of fruit. Although you probably have no chance to try it. Because it is not permitted to bring in hotels and resorts. The best to eat Durian is to consult with the seller. Yes, it is exactly what the Thai do when buying Durian. The seller will ask a few questions and then decided which one is the one for you.

Don’t worry! About that strong shell, the seller will take care of it. Just be ready to experience the King of Fruit. 

Remind yourself not to drink alcohol while eating Durian and watch your hand!

Mangosteen – Mangkut – มังคุด

It is a fun fact that the Durian effect increases your body temperature. Then mangosteen will decrease the body temperature. So, most Thai people will eat Mangosteen after Durian and know Mangosteen as the Queen of Fruit. It is a little bit tricky to buy mangosteen. Because it all looks the same. Let’s go with a small, little red, not too dark color with no yellow stain.

How to eat it? Cut the thick purple skin in a circle (not too deep – don’t cut it in half). Then use a fork to eat it. Aware of its color. It can stain for many days.

Remember! Never squeeze or bite it.

Rambutan – เงาะ

Rambutan is the fruit that will catch your eyes with its hairy. This is the easiest fruit to choose from. Let’s focus on rambutan with red peel, fresh red and green hair with medium sizes.

How to eat it! Take off the peel and eat the juicy part but be aware of the stone inside the rambutan. Rambutans will increase body temperature so avoid eating too much on a hot day.

There are many fruit stalls within a short distance by free shuttle service in the Diamond Resort Phuket neighborhood. You may also find a more interesting list of local Thai fruits such as local Phuketian Durian, water durian, Champada, lady fingernails banana, longkong, white langsat, and green mango with spicy chili sauce.