Back to Thailand where your heart belongs to food, nature, authenticity, Thai hospitality culture, and the land of smiles. Diamond Resort Phuket offers the best room rates offer for direct booking with us. Click HERE to check when is convenient for your holiday in Phuket.

Hotel in Phuket

A holiday on the beach in Phuket is a gorgeous dream destination to release and relax. However, World Tourism Day reminds us to a rethinking of our behavior during the holiday. Our power to protect and awareness of the role of tourism in being excellent eco-friendly in any popular tourist destination.

Executive Chef Rieno Huyghebaert supports Sustainable Tourism by choosing Fontana Coffee at Infuse Restaurant. So, you can now kick start your morning more green and travel sustainably at Diamond Resort Phuket.

Fontana Coffee has the mission to prevent deforestation and opium poppy planting. By strengthening partnerships with the professors from Chiang Mai University. All Fontana Arabica beans are sourced in partnership with the Chiang Mai University Department of Agriculture and Science. Together they have located the suburb locations to plant sustainably in the Northern provinces of Thailand. These plots are located at more than 1000m above sea level.

Diamond Resort Phuket is appreciative to support cultural richness, social benefits, and improving working conditions across local communities.

Travel Sustainably at Diamond Resort Phuket

Here is one example of sustainability across many areas that Diamond Resort Phuket incorporates into our business. Free daily shuttle service in the Bangtao beach area. It is also a transportation offering with a sustainability mission to reduce carbon emissions. Click HERE to check out our well-selected stop point. Our shuttle is ready to bring you to and back in the neighborhood of Diamond Resort Phuket daily. Let us inspire you with greener tourist activities E-Bike Cycling Holiday in Phuket click HERE.