Updated: 1st April 2021

Thailand is currently opening for tourists.

The quarantine period has reduced to only 7 days for vaccinated tourist.

If you are planning and travelling to Phuket from the 1st April – 30th June 2021.

While quarantine at many other provinces in Thailand, it is maintaining travel restrictions quarantine 11 days/ 10 nights to all arrivals. Need more information about the quarantine.

Please contact www.hsscovid.com

There is no lack of beauty in the land of smiles. Say ‘Sawadee Kha’ then the wonderful journey is getting started.

Credit: Amazing Thailand

Vaccinated Tourist

Updated 9th April 2021

Dreaming about your vacation in Thailand. Nowadays, Phuket is a perfect choice for a landing destination due to only 7 days of quarantine for your post-Covid19 pandemic relaxing vacation.

Q: How to start the journey?

A: Check travel restrictions and apply COE at Thai Royal Embassy in your current location for pre-approval.

Then reserve your flight, ASLQ, Covid-19 insurance and upload to the system for the final approval at https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/

Waiting time is approx. 3 days to get the COE from Royal Thai Embassy and ready for Real-Time PCR Test with fit to fly certificate. Keep in mind to prepare all the documents on hand before boarding.

Have a pleasant and smooth flight to The Land of Smiles

Thailand ASLQ Hotel on The Phuket Island

ASQ stand for Alternative State Quarantine and ASLQ stand for Alternative State Local Quarantine. If you are planning for only 7 days quarantine in Phuket Island as a vaccinated tourist. ASLQ list is the one that you wants to look for quarantine hotel Thailand

Q: How to find a suitable hotels and resorts for your quarantine in Phuket?

A: This web site www.hsscovid.com is a good start to see and learn more about ASLQ list.

Q: How to reserve your room at ASLQ?

A: Directly contact the ASQ/ ASLQ hotel or resorts and reserve your room. Then the hotels or resorts will manage to pick you up at the airport on your arrival date.

Up-to-date travel restriction guideline from the 1st April 2021. Travelling to Thailand from the United States of America.

More information www.thaiembdc.org/asq/

Necessary websites you may need to read more information or contact Thai Royal Embassy at your current country.

(1) https://entrythailand.go.th/
(2) https://asqthailand.com/
(3) https://asq.locanation.com/
(4) https://asq.ascendtravel.com/
(5) https://www.agoda.com/quarantineth

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